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Invitation to Authors & Editors

It is heartening to see that the scope for educational books, specially textbooks and competition books, is expanding fast and booming in the vibrant India of today. We offer golden opportunity to authors, blossomed or budding, to join us to embark on a number of new but fruitful ventures.

With nearly five successful decades of experience in production—editing, designing, typesetting, printing and binding—we can undertake to publish any book with minimum gestation period.Our sale and distribution network is spread nationwide to promote sale of our products.
Please fill the details of your proposed publicationn with the following details :

(i) Brief write-up of the author, details of the exiting books and their publisher(s).
(ii) Subject of the proposed books.
(iii) Class of the readers.
(iv) Synopsis of the book.
(v) Bibliographic detail :
      (a) Number of pages
      (b) Pictures/Photographs
      (c) Diagrams, etc.

Submission of Manuscript
* Type-Written.
* Word process on the computer.
* In double space between lines (including quotes and refrences).
* 10 point type (Times or Palattion font preferably) print on A4 size paper (210*297 mm).
* Single -sided.

Fill the author registration form here :
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you can write to us at -
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Meerut (U.P) India

Please feel free to ask any questions from us. We shall be glad to satisfy you in the best possible manner.